33years of quality and experience
131customers worldwide
239completed projects

We are here for you - cmoll-Consulting is a company with highly competent employees in the field of SAP® Human Resources.

We take care of you from the first planning to the complete implementation of your software solutions, moreover:

  • in the analysis of your system
  • in determining the best possible solution strategy for you
  • at the consultation
  • during the implementation of the software solutions
  • in project management
  • during training / coaching

Due to our many years of experience, we know how important comprehensive support and the "direct line" to you and your team is to implement successfully projects, also worldwide. We have already been able to support our customers in many countries. The following map gives you a small impression of our commitment:

In the center of our philosophy and involved in their implementation our employees stand beside the customers: people with an excellent education, who also have the necessary experience, social and communicative competence, a comprehensive knowledge in the personnel area and a far-reaching business orientation. A little insight into what makes cmoll-Consulting successful.
A detailed profile of our employees can of course be obtained at any time.

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cmoll-Consulting - we are here for you.