Project Management

In times of increasing competitive pressure and the resulting constraints to shorten the development and market cycles of products and services, effective and efficient project management is the key success factor.

The ever-increasing complexity of projects can hardly be monitored - let alone controlled - without the use of state-of-the-art project management techniques and the associated controlling instruments.

In a project certain resources are used to achieve a specific goal. With minimal costs and in the shortest possible time a result of maximum quality is to be achieved. These three factors - cost, time and quality - need to be reconciled not only at the beginning of a project when the project plan is created, but also in the course of the project.

If there are delays in project execution, then these can usually only be absorbed by additional funds, or by compromise on the outcome. Changes to requirements affect scheduling and cost planning.

We support you in:

  •     integration management
  •     content and scope management (Scope Management)
  •     appointment management
  •     cost management
  •     quality management
  •     human Resource management
  •     communication management
  •     risk management
  •     procurement management

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