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Do you need support in your SAP ® HCM? Then you have come to the right place.


With our many years of experience, we also support you as a full-service provider in the daily work of your SAP® HCM system. Talk to us - together we will find a solution how our support can look like for you, we are here according to your wishes.

In case of support, we will not leave you alone: ​​we can support you directly with TeamViewer software, regardless of where we are currently in action, for quick and uncomplicated help. Whether it's an emergency, day-to-day support, or a project meeting, we'll find each other in just a few clicks, just as if we were on-site.

After download, tell your consultant the ID and password displayed in the QuickSupport / Remote Maintenance. For security reasons, the password changes automatically each time the program starts up. The password is not known for cmoll-Consulting. The connection to your computer takes place via an encrypted connection and is only possible during program use. The use of the programs does not require any installation on your computer. You can start the program directly after the download. By the way: for QuickJoin / Online Meeting only the browser can be used (Note: Adobe Flash is required and must be active). Please take note of your local IT security policies and talk with your IT administration, or you may have other support solutions in your company available to assist us.

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Remote Maintenance (TeamViewer-Quick support 13)

Online meeting (TeamViewer-QuickJoin 13)

Security and the protection of your data are very important to us. We use the remote maintenance and the online meeting of TeamViewer only if necessary and of course only with your consent. We have set up our own security policy for this purpose for our TeamViewer license. Our security policy is centrally managed and cannot be changed individually. This will start the connection to you only after you have released your screen for us via a button. In case of support we are only able to access your computer after you allow us to access it via a button. We are in direct dialogue with you and you can understand any action during the connection. Of course, you can disconnect and exit the program at any time. A recording of the connection, for the documentation and analysis of errors, takes place by cmoll-Consulting only after prior consent by you. This function must be activated and confirmed by cmoll-Consulting during the connection. The unattended or masked connection to you is not permitted by our security policy. A connection to your computer is only possible if you are at your workplace, have given us the ID and the randomly changing password by phone, and have confirmed the security queries. This will keep you fully in control of your system at all times.

By the way: the connection between the TeamViewer programs is of course highly encrypted.

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