We are happy to teach you our know-how and train you and your team around the SAP® HCM area.

Over the years we were often asked at the end of the project if we could not communicate our know-how in further SAP® HCM topics. We have taken your words to heart and have prepared for various topics related to the SAP® HCM trainings. If you or your employees require individual training, please contact us. We will find an individual solution here.

In addition we have been providing training and trainers on selected topics for several years on behalf of the Forum Institute in Heidelberg. Perhaps we have already met you in a training session? We'd love to see you again.

In this area you will find the next training dates.

The dates in 2021 are (only in german language):


07.09.2021 - Online - Organisationsmanagement im SAP HCM - Grundkurs

28.09.2021 - Online - Reporting im Personalwesen - Grundkurs

03.11.2021 - Online - 1 x 1 der SAP® HCM Personalkostenplanung - Grundkurs

10.11.2021 - Online - Organisationsmanagement im SAP HCM - Aufbaukurs

18.11.2021 - Online - Reporting im Personalwesen - Grundkurs

02.12.2021 - Online - Effiziente SAP® HCM Personalkostenplanung - Aufbaukurs

09.12.2021 - Online - Query in SAP® HCM - Aufbaukurs

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